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Dalum Roll Top bag "Brasu"

With Dalum Brasu bag you can bring your Dalum griddle on the outdoor activity. The Brasu bag has a roll close function and the bag is easy to carry in the hand. With four integrated loops you can attach the bag to a hiking back pack. 

We believe that it shall be easy to cook outdoors. Dalum's griddles are designed to be easy to use so that the user wants to use the product again and again. Therefore, we have put a lot of development into creating a cooking surface (without any coatings like teflon or similar) where the food does not stick during cooking and a griddle that is easy to clean after cooking. The combination with an easy-to-maintain griddle and the steel cleaning ball Stǫlbolln becomes an almost unbeatable solution for an easy-to-maintain product. The Stǫlbolln comes with a practical drawstring bag that easily fits in the griddle carry bag so you can take the cleaning ball with you on all your cooking adventures.

"Griddle cleaner"

We offer products that create wonderful moments around the campfire and in our beautiful nature. We offer beautiful reindeer skins of the highest quality for outdoor use, which are soft and wonderfully warm. The reindeer skins work just as well to be used in the cabin where they are warming to sit on and create a warm and lovely feeling in the room. Quality is important to us and the reindeer skins are carefully selected and quality controlled so that you can enjoy the reindeer skin for many years to come with our practical care advice.

Reindeer skins of highest quality for outdoor use "Ward"

We hope to inspire you to more outdoor cooking with our recipes and recipe books.

Our vision is to create products that last over time. Therefore we have Product Care so that your products can last for many years to come. 

We want to inspire more people to enjoy outdoor cooking. Join in on some of our events that you find on our site under Dalum Experience. 

Join the Dalum community, gather around the campfire and the outdoor moments Dalum creates.