• Ben till stekhäll
    Quickshop Removable legs for Dalum griddles. The design of the legs provides a...
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    Dalum Legs for Dalum Griddle
    Regular price 60 kr
  • Förvaringspåse stekhäll Förvaringspåse stekhäll
    Quickshop Griddle storage bag for storing your Dalum griddle. Protects from soot and...
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  • Benpåse Brasu
    Quickshop Leg pouch for the legs of the griddle. For supplementing with a...
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    Dalum Brasu Leg bag
    From 79 kr
  • Väska stekhäll Brasu
    Quickshop The Brasu Roll Top Bag is a practical bag for the Dalum...
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    Dalum Griddle bag Brasu
    From 249 kr
  • Brasu väska och benpåse Brasu väska och benpåse
    Quickshop The Brasu Bag is a practical roll-top bag designed for the Dalum...
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  • Väska Jälda Väska Jälda
    Quickshop Heavy-duty bag for Dalum 40 griddle. If you already have a griddle...
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  • Sittunderlag ull Måj Sittunderlag ull Måj
    Quickshop The Måj wool sit pad provides insulation and warmth, thanks to the...
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  • Bjärå bärremmar Bjärå bärremmar
    Quickshop Straps for Dalum's Jälda bag series. The Jälda bag series features a...
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  • Handtag stekhäll Fåton Handtag stekhäll Fåton
    Quickshop Handles for Dalum Griddle in Dalum red stain. Convenient protection suitable for...
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    Dalum Handles Griddle Fåton
    Regular price 199 kr
  • Handtag stekhäll Ullun Handtag stekhäll Ullun
    Quickshop Handles/pot holders for Dalum griddles. For handling the hot griddle. The handles...
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    Dalum Handles Griddle "Ullun"
    Regular price 149 kr

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