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During an outdoor adventure in Älvdalen, Dalarna, the idea for Dalum was born – a high quality
and light weight griddle that you can bring on every occasion. With Dalum, our vision is to make it possible for more people to experience nature – to gather around the camp fire and cook a tasty outdoor meal.

Our focus is on high quality, functional, and timeless products. Dalum's products are created basedon the idea of the least possible environmental impact. Our vision is that our products will be a trusted companion on every occasion and stay with their owners for a long time.

To connect with Älvdalen and Dalarna, we have named all product names in Älvdalen language,
Dalum, for example, means Dalarna in the Älvdalska.

our take on sustainability

Sustainability for us

The idea of sustainability and long term thinking is present in everything we do. Dalum is founded on a love for nature, which makes it obvious for us to do everything we can to preserve it for future generations. Dalum's products are created with the idea of minimal environmental impact and the intention for them to endure for a long time. When developing our products, quality and functionality are paramount. For us, this means creating robust solutions and products tjat can stay with their owner for a long time. We strive for our products and their components to be manufactured as close to us as possible and the majority of our products are manufactured in Sweden. This reduces transportation and freights. For example, we have chosen to produce the griddle in Sweden.

"Our goal is that our products are manufactured with the smallest possible environmental impact. We use recycled and upcycled materials."
our take on sustainability

Sustainability for us

By always focusing on functionality and high quality, our vision is for our products to become trusted companions for their owners, and to be used time and time again. Dalum's sustainability efforts also become evident to the user, for example when using the griddle itself. The energy-efficient design requires less heat than traditional griddles, saving on wood, propane, or charcoal—depending on the heat source used for cooking. To ensure the products last as long as possible, we assist our users in spreading knowledge and information about product care. Our range also includes care kits tailored to properly maintain Dalum's products over time.

Stekhäll Dalum 40 Jälda Carry kit

Dalum Films

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At Dalum, we are delighted and proud to collaborate with our Dalum friends - partners who, just like us, love nature, outdoor life, and the joy of outdoor dining.

Here you can read more about some of our collaboration partners and friends.

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