Baked Brie 

Invite your friends on a trip to nature and surprise them with this dish.

This dish is perfect as tapas for the mingle or why not as a starter.

Brie baked on a bed of coarse salt with Mörsjödeli, bresola and fresh thyme, as good as it gets.

Do this:
Sprinkle coarse salt on a surface slightly larger than the brie cheese.
Add the brie and bake it on the griddle over an open fire at just the right temperature.
When the brie has become soft (after about 10 min), remove the frying pan from the heat, turn the brie over and cut off the lid.
Distribute fried flatbread and bresola ham around the brie cheese and finish by garnishing with fresh thyme sprigs.

Dip the bread in the brie and add some bresola and some thyme.

There is an imminent risk of both laughter and happy exclamations, but also be prepared for a certain sadness when the food runs out!

Dalum 40 or Dalum 50 frying pan is perfect for this dish.

This recipe is taken from @stekman and the book Kokbok för stekhäll. A book with lots of good recipes that you can find in our webshop.


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