Wild Reindeer stew with Gahkku Fire bread

A dish inspired by flavors from Sapmi that is appreciated by both children and adults

Recipe, 5 servings


  • 750 gr reindeer shavings
  • Red cabbage, white cabbage, kale of one variety or all
  • Chanterelles
  • Lingonberry sauce or raw-stirred lingonberries
  • Liss Elsa's Lingon Mustard
  • Oil/butter - for frying
  • flour for baking Gahkku
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to:

Bake Gahkku and leaven at home, roll into balls. See recipe here

Once outside:

1. Press a ball of dough gently with your hands into a flat cake. Fry on a dry griddle for a minute on each side. Place in a towel and remove when serving.

2. Fry the mushrooms until crispy in butter and set aside
3. Fry the reindeer until almost done and put aside on the grill without it becoming dry.
4. Shred the cabbage and fry on a medium heat (if you have meat juice left from the reindeer shavings, let it boil and get the good flavor from the reindeer shavings) until it gets a little colour.
5. Mix together the cabbage, chanterelles and reindeer shavings on the griddle and heat up.

Make small wraps of Gahkkun and fill them with the wonderfully tasty reindeer scrub mixture.

Enjoy a great dinner!

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