Hej Främling!

It all started in 2013 at a refugee accommodation in Grytan outside Östersund. Three friends wanted to make a difference and invited newcomers at the accommodation to a skiing activity. Bicycle school, choir singing with The Rockin' Pots, and running with Inlöparna were also offered. The initiative sparked curiosity, and the activities quickly grew as more people contributed their time and compassion. Anxiety and uncertainty among the newcomers soon turned into community, vitality, integration, and joy. Along the way, new friendships were formed, leading to the creation of an association, Hej främling!

From Kalix in the north to Malmö in the south, 10 years later, Hej främling is present in about 50 locations across the country. Our simple idea remains the same today as it was then; to invite people to open health-promoting activities to strengthen individuals and create positive encounters between people. What many find challenging, working on inclusion to break social exclusion, is simpler than many think - and we are proof of that.

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